[FOW-012] Mila Red Riding Hood

2017-09-05 15:30 UTC
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>`rc=2pass / bitrate=5000` the fuck are you doing, lmao. Use CRF.
While I'm already being a pedantic asshole: You add faux film grain over everything and then use `deblock=1:1:1`, smh. And why is your AAC at 400 kbit/s? Get a new encoder. And make it someone who understands that it's okay to use 4:4:4 chroma if you have a cg animation which supposedly is rendered in either RGB or YUV444.
While I don't understand anything about encoding, I found it's very amusing how you get mad over the encoding while watching porn. Priorities.
Fantastic work, StudioFOW! Mila is my favorite DOA character. Thank you for giving her more attention!
CheekyKoala, bro go kys lmao. Fuck you doing moderating a site that got revived by fans and trash talking. Go shove a chicken panini up your linguine.
CheekyKoala, Thanks for info.
First good movie Fow releases after kunoichi 2, and finally, NO DOGS! (Still upset about the mess u made with jill, please bring her back in a proper movie)
"Would fap, but.. encoding.." Get your priorities straight.
I stand with CheekyKoala, encoding comes first, porn comes second.
I don't think its his fault for encoding, studioFOW released that for public while HD for paid
giving a fuck about encoding while jerking off... you're going to go blind anyway
...My dick is literally confused now between encoding and fapping.
hey man I can't get off unless my porn is encoded using CRF 18.5 and has a bitrate so high-quality I have to format my hard drive to have enough room to store the file don't kink shame
Now that's quality foreplay.
Thanks for sharing