[FOW-013] First Assembly

2017-11-30 19:12 UTC
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cómo lo descargo ? xdd soy nuevo de aquí how do i download it ? im new from here xdd
patriciovergara13 Right click on the options '' Download Torrent '' or '' Magnet '' and choose the option to open link in a new tab, then it will appear the link there for you to download using utorrent.
Necesitas un programa para torrents, te recomiendo Qbitorrent, una vez instalado reincia el navegador y da clic en "Download Torrent" o en Magnet. Suerte
Finally, thanks!
Listo, me sirvió! Muchas gracias ryuuzaki :)
nice work as always just wanna ask if u r planning to make another movie of 2B with Japanese voice actresses?
The movie quiet brutal for me and while i watching it i felt so bad for 2B but you guys make a good job, i like it. keep do it. have a nice day.
Façam com a Rainbow Mika de Street Fighter na próxima :3
This quality of work, is just too damn good. Also, damn was that brutal.
Studio does some good work though i'd like to see less beast / rape stuff and the disgusting alien thing was a huge boner killer but overall the rest was great. Should of had Yorha or some other character fuck her instead of that disgusting alien blob.
I have never seen such a 3D anime movie like this.Nice work!