[FOW-015] Ghosts of Paradise

2018-06-15 02:11 UTC
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Official release of "Ghosts of Paradise", StudioFOW's 15th movie. Please support the team on Patreon for more great content!

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Post it on twitter smh
Alright. Let's see how StudioBLOW fucked it up this time.
downloading it now. Is this going to be another rape fest, like a tonne of guys or monsters fking and demanding head from the female victim? Be good to see the script flip a bit and maybe have a female in more dominating role. I think tentacles and dics going up her intestines and dics down to her stomach have been done enough already. I don't know, I seen it so much i'm desensitized by it but at the same time aware of the fact its a brutal rape scene. I guess the makers all about being alpha but I think they have taken it too far from what I have seen so far.
That’s just the way they roll; they do darker content. It’s ALL been done before so your argument is silly. Instead of asking the makers to change instead change the sources you draw from. Tamer stuff is infinitely easier to find, so producers that make fairly dark content, especially at this quality, are worth their weight in gold. If you just don’t like it then I don’t know why you are even here. It’s nothing about the developers being alpha, this is just -their- kink, just like certain hentai artists focus on tentacles or cross-dressing or whatever.
I can't believe I made an account jut to rant, but here goes: This is a 31 minute video. There's 15 minutes of non-lewd scene at the beginning. Why? With some tweaks, the video could have started at 12:02 and no one would've complained. The entire backstory about why Major went after red shark could have been summed by Major saying it when captured. Instead, you spent how many resources? Modelling Batou and a bunch of other dudes, animating them, and including a ludicrous amount of dialogue (which are lip synced!). Patreon pays you to make porn, not side stories. (spoiler: This incredibly nicely modeled Batou? Doesn't get to fuck Major. Maybe they're reserving it for the sequel? Who knows) Then there's the actual porn scenes. They're great don't get me wrong. But seriously, less != more. More = more. Those simulation field lines shouldn't be covering the actual scene. It's just distracting. Why are they even there? You can clearly see them behind the subject so the viewers know this is a simulation. No point in having them in FRONT of the subject, blocking the view and distracting the viewer. Again with the less != more, from 26:27 to 26:32, you jammed in 4 different scenes. All of which are plenty hot. Too bad each lasts barely a second. You gave 15 minutes for backstory, and couldn't afford stretching/looping these 4 scenes a few more seconds? I'm sure people will be happy if you stretched these scene out a bit more.
: It's assholes like you and them who think 'dark' automatically means maledom, or women getting fucked over somehow. It's never them doing the bad stuff, they can only ever be victims. That's why the majority of their work is generic bullshit. High production values with low brow content.
At least we got a futa-dom scene. That's something.
34:40 minute movie that is intended to be a porn.......... and porn starts around 17:30.............. over 17 minutes of pure back story that 90% of viewers who just want to fap really cant give two shits and a fuck........why was so many resources and time spent to making so much on a fan made story in a PORN movie?, i get that its free but free shit is still just shit, if i had payed for this id be really furious i feel bad for the patreons.........id be furious if i was funding this lol. Also they need to be more flexible... this video is exactly like the resident evil, good girl fights evil, evil captures girl, girl gets massively raped then huge beast or beasts come in and deal the finishing blow...... same as kunoichi 1 and 2, and it will most likely be the same in 3......they have to spread around the goods sticking with one shtick is gona drive fans and patreons away.
No, it's assholes like you. Take your own fall please.
I think this work is good enough. Yes, it's have a long story scene. But the video are quite long. That mean hentai scenes are not that less compare to their pass works. And have FUTA scene is a PLUS too :)
All the previous work up until now has been amazing, some of the best out there. That being said, this new art style is complete trash IMO. The thick dark outlines on the characters and the colors make it look incredibly 2d. Nothing like the past projects and I honestly cant understand why it would be changed to that. The old movies had very vivid 3d graphics but this looks like it was made on an old snes console. There are PS1 games with better 3d rendering than this crap. I can only hope this was a one off attempt at something different and it goes back to the old style from here out or im no longer a fan. Couldn't even watch it to the end.
who cares about huge story when most of the time people fast forward to their favorite sex scene..........its a porn not a hollywood blockbuster film...
Geez, you got one person up there trying to make an sjw statement over a fucking porn. Dislike the (fucking free) video all you want, but that's just sad
>a bunch of tards complaining about nothing people are going to make whatever they want, deal with it
Has StudioFOW given up on japanese voices?
Gotta say, I really like all your works and even though I know a lot of people don't share the taste of these videos I certainly do. I'm also stoked because Motoko is definitely one of my waifus, plus the futanari scene (I've so been waiting for one of those scenes). Keep up the great work.
I really don't understand why almost every new video from them has to be the same damn thing? Do they get off in degrading females? Why no tender scene or something? Why does everything have to be dark, and end with girls becoming mindless sluts. Ok, you want to make that content, but why not try different things for a change. How about some female dominating men? But yeah, guess this is what they only want to do so no use bitching about it anymore... But I have to add that their camera shake and close ups are shit. They try to mimic Taimanin Asagi hentai with fierce movement and dynamic camera works but it just zooms in bad textures and looks bad. Also, what's up with that rendering? *sigh* The only worthy scene in this entire fuckfest is the futa scene.
this is amazing
I also made an account just to comment but come on. This is one of the most amazing animated porns I've ever seen. I had no idea I was about to watch the fucking matrix, not to mention the soundtrack during that fight scene. I literally got to watch an awesome short movie AND THEN MASTERBATE. What the fuck. Had no idea. People here can say that "it's all the same" or say that "everyone skips to the sex". Well guess what it was FREE! and high quality! And probably shouldn't even be free. Anyone is more than welcome to skip to the sex, otherwise you can watch what the creators intended which is an action porno. I've never seen anything like this and to me it's avante garde. Like Bible Black or something. I would definitely watch this if it were a tv show (and beat off). I'd challenge anyone to show me something of this quality that is also free. My work gives me a free lunch and it gives me the shits, studiofow gives me videos that I've gone back to when I'm in the mood for over a year. And lastly I do get the complaint about women becoming fuck sluts. It would be cool if in the sequel the girl here got her revenge somehow, but the women do get straight torn apart in the videos. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for that.... other times I am. But you can't hate unless you're paying someone for a commissioned video. Otherwise the artists are going to do their own thing. I think the "only worthy scene" was the whole fucking video.